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Peter Farrell

Dr. Peter Farrell started his veterinary career at the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital in June 1982 right after graduation.  Burnt Hills and Saratoga County were still very much a farming community then.  Dr. Stan Garrison had established the hospital to serve both farm animals and pets.  Active milking dairies were everywhere.  Horse farms and backyard horses were too.  It felt like a scene right out of James Herriot’s book “All Creatures Great and Small”.  Now, 37 years later, the hospital has evolved into the Capital District’s largest and finest small animal general practice.

Dr. Farrell has recently reduced his time at the veterinary hospital to allow him to travel with his wife Mary Jo and to spend time with their four children and their families.  He maintains an active role in the hospital serving as a consultant to the other doctors on difficult cases, performing advanced procedures, and seeing clients on a reduced basis.  Working his way through a beloved patient’s complicated illness and a resulting cure and return to health is the best part of being a veterinarian.  Surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, chemotherapy, pain management, behavior, and explaining things to owners round out what he loves to do.

You can also find Dr. Farrell singing in the choir at the Burnt Hills United Methodist Church, sometimes playing the guitar or banjo.  Dr. Farrell knows he has been blessed to have the best career in the world and to live in the best place in the world.  He plans to continue seeing patients for the foreseeable future.

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