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Dr. Chris Elson

Meet the friendly staff at Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital!

Chris Elson

He lives with thirty cats, seven dogs and one wife.  He and his wife have bred Bengal cats, because they love their energy and personality.

Recently, Dr. Elson has become addicted to dog agility, so now he spends his Sundays training his dogs or going to trials.  

Dr. Elsoon is a past recipient of the Veterinarian of the Year Award by the New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

Dr. Elson has advanced training in acupuncture, food therapy, canine massage, and has completed Canine Rehabilitation Program at the University of Tennessee.  His involvement with breeding and canine sports has led him to pursue advanced ultrasound training.  If you have any cute cat pictures or dog performance videos, He'd love to see them.

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