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Our comfortable, climate controlled boarding environment provides our clients and their pets with a safe, pleasant boarding experience.  During your pet's stay, it receives large doses of TLC daily. Our staff goes to great lengths to insure your pet is comfortable and eating well. 

- Our boarding service is available to our clients

- Pets must be free of fleas and current on vaccinations for everyone's protection.  

Regular Boarding Fees
Dogs $43.00 per night including tax
Cats any size $35.00 per night including tax
Other small pets at discretion of facility $26.00 per night plus tax

In the event your pet with special needs requires observation for existing health problems, hospital boarding provides even higher levels of care. While your pet is in our hospital boarding, a daily doctor's exam is included, and will ease your mind while you are away.

Hospital Boarding Fees
Hospital Boarding for a dog $79.00 per night including tax
Hospital Boarding for a cat in any size $77.00 per including tax

NEW - Medical Boarding Fees

Medical Boarding for a dog $58.50 per night including tax
Medical Boarding for a cat in any size $49.00 per including tax

Boarding Requirements

**Dogs must have current vaccination for Rabies, Canine Distemper Parvovirus, Kennel Cough (Bordetella), Canine Influenza and have an annual stool sample checked.  They must also test negative for Heartworm Disease.

**Cats must have a current vaccination for Feline Distemper, Rabies and have an annual stool sample checked.  

Per the CDC recommendations, Raw diets, especially raw meat diets, are not accepted because of the risk for salmonellosis and other infections that can affect pets and our staff. 

For more information, to make a reservation or to schedule a tour of our boarding facility please see any of our reception staff.

Additional Services

Each 15 Minute Supervised playtime $17.50 // $16.00 each additional pet per household.

We can do any of the following: playing ball (NO JUMPING), fetch, tug of war, offer treat filled Kong, cuddling, or even belly rubs.  All or one can be done during our playtime.  If you have any other suggestions please let our staff know at the time of check in.


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