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Our rehabilitation program is designed to help our patients recover from surgery or suffering from injury, experiencing chronic pain like arthritis, diagnosed from a neurologic condition, recover from obesity, and mobility difficulties like standing up or climbing the stairs. Here at Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital, we provide medical care and attention as early as weight management to prevent your pets from progressing to possible future injuries like a cranial cruciate tear and muscle atrophy. 

We will start by having your pet consult with a veterinarian and create a custom rehabilitation plan designed for your pet's needs. Once your veterinarian discusses and creates the plan with you, we will be able to help your pet by utilizing tools such as physio balls, wobble boards, cavaletti poles, and balance discs. We also offer both inclined and slow controlled walks to keep and improve your pet's mobility. There are also sessions that may be suggested including massage therapy, passive range of motion, heating and/or icing, and the use of E-stim to ease the muscle pain and increase muscle strength. Your doctor will then schedule a recheck appointment to discuss with you about your pet's response and progress.

With this program, your pet will have better health conditions and have a better quality of life. This will decrease potential risks such as diabetes, arthritis, ligament tears, etc. 

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