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Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital

145 Goode Street Burnt Hills, NY 12027 

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Who are we??

In 1950, Dr. Stanley Garrison established the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.  This new hospital was created by adding a cinder block addition to his family dairy barn on Goode Street in Burnt Hills.  This barn and original hospital are still present on the property behind our current hospital.  At that time, Saratoga County was a highly productive dairy farming area.  Dr. Garrison cared for all the local farmer's livestock as well as their family pets, both big and small.

In 1961, a brand new hospital building was built and furnished next to the road on Goode Street. Dr. Garrison incorporated the newest concepts in hospital design. In 1963, Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital became an accredited member of The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) subjecting the staff and facility to rigorous standards in terms of its cleanliness, record keeping, diagnostic and surgical procedures, x-ray techniques, and so much more.  We are proud to continue to meet and exceed these standards today.

 Dr. Garrison continued to own and direct the hospital into the early 1980's.  In 1982 two new graduates of the N.Y.S. College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell joined Dr. Garrison as associate veterinarians. Dr. Peter Farrell and Dr. Michael Rach. As the community has grown and changed from farmland to suburban housing, the hospital has experienced 5 major renovations and additions while turning our focus to providing the best of care for our family pets. The hospital has grown from 2 full time doctors and 7 staff members, to now 9 full time and 2 part time doctors and more than 65 staff members. 

Drs. Duemler and Falls have taken over leadership of the hospital in 2019 after many years as associates at the BHVH. They continue to provide high quality medicine centered on family values.  Our clients, friends, and family can expect the highest level of care anytime they enter the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.  Our doctors continue to challenge themselves to learn and be able to provide the newest and greatest medical advancements available to our furry friends.  Although none of our doctors are specialist, each one of our doctors have special interest in which they have received special training in.

Drs Duemler and Falls have built their forever home just down the road from the BHVH.  Their 2 children, Harper and Lucas, are fixtures within the hospital.  They attend Burnt Hills schools and are active in many community activities.  The Burnt Hills Veterinary hospital is committed to staying family run and community centric.  We continue to support numerous area organizations and sponsor too numerous to count community programs.  For over 70 years the BHVH has been an integral part of the Burnt Hills-Ballston lake community and this relationship is of the utmost importance to us.

Our motto is "The Best of Care for the Best of Friends".  We are a family owned business and our primary goal has always been to provide the best possible care for each patient, to serve our clients so well that they can proudly recommend us to their friends and neighbors.  

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