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Dr. Michael Rach

rach_and_horse.jpg     Dr. Michael Rach received his DVM degree from Cornell University in 1982.  He feels it is an honor to be a veterinarian and remains forever grateful for this challenging and rewarding profession.

     Dr. Rach and Dr. Farrell were classmates at Cornell and have worked side by side ever since graduation.  Together they grew the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital to become a center for compassionate care for the pets and families of their community. This compassionate care has led the hospital to be recognized as a top care center in the capital region.

     After 35 years of service to the community, Dr. Rach has transitioned his time to focus on his many hobbies. He continues to provide mentorship to the future generation of the hospital but currently is focused on his loves outside veterinary medicine. Dr. Rach's hobbies typically have something to do with pets and nature.  He loves gardening, fishing and playing with his dogs and horses.  He has a small farm that he shares with three dogs, three horses and his partner, Daniel Brocker.  The horses consume a great deal of his time as he rides daily and is an avid competitor at the sport of "three day eventing."  That sport is a triathlon for horse and rider involving dressage, jumping and cross country obstacle courses.  Great fun!

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