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“There is nothing more important than starting off on the right track.  My externship at the BHVH created a solid foundation for me to advance my knowledge, improve my skills and develop the confidence necessary to enter my career head on.  My success post-externship has inspired me to ensure future generations have the same opportunity I had and therefore, providing a successful extern experience is a passion of mine.”

Dr. Matt Duemler, Class of 2007


“My externship at BHVH was without a doubt the most valuable externship experience of my clinical year. This externship provided me with significantly more hands-on experience in surgery, physical exam skills, and other clinical skills than any other rotation. BHVH has a very high case load and routinely schedules more advanced procedures that are not always seen in general practice. This allowed me to see many more cases than on other rotations and to gain more experience with procedures such as abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds, endoscopy, and cruciate ligament repairs. I highly recommend this externship for anyone interested in a career in general practice.”

Dr. Michaela Fontaine, Class of 2021


“Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital is a fantastic place to do an externship. The doctors love to teach, are very supportive, and truly include you in everything that they do. They challenge you to "think like a doctor" which includes working through cases alongside them and practicing clinical and surgical skills under supervision. I would highly recommend this externship to anyone!”


Brooke Pietrafesa, DVM Candidate 2023 


“I absolutely loved my experience working at Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital. With 9 doctors on staff there is never a shortage of something interesting going on! As a veterinary student, you get to dive into the hands-on experience from day one, within the first week I was able to scrub into a splenectomy surgery! All of the staff members - veterinarians, technicians, assistants - are all invested in making sure that you have a good learning experience and are very willing to teach you clinical skills. During my time there, I was able to become more confident in my clinical skills, surgery skills & diagnostic skills. The doctors love asking challenging questions that really make you think, pull from your education in veterinary school, and apply it to a real-life practice setting. This practice is focused on providing high quality medicine and is always interested in the most recent medical advancements, so you get to witness good, quality medicine every day. I would highly recommend externing at this hospital to any student looking to get hands-on experience and learning how to practice high quality medicine!” 

Alexia Mazzarella, DVM Candidate 2024          

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