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/     Due to our ever changing and unpredictable climate, it is in the best interest of our patients to receive year-round heartworm prevention.  We recommend the use of a monthly heartworm preventative, such as Sentinel or Heartgard every month throughout the year.  Sentinel is highly effective against preventing Heartworm infestation as well as THREE very common intestinal parasites.  This is very important, as intestinal parasites have a significant zoonotic (spread from animals to humans) potential and can infect our children and loved ones too.

     And don’t forget about ticks! Ticks are responsible for spreading many bacterial diseases including Lyme disease, the most common infectious disease in our area.  Again, we have a variety of monthly preventatives that are both safe and effective in preventing transmission of disease.  We offer Nexgard, the only monthly preventative with an FDA guarantee to prevent Lyme disease, at the lowest legally allowed price!

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