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Stem Cell Therapy Saved My Dog! Heidi's Amazing Story

employee_picks_034_1.jpgMy name is Charlene Hubbley. I have a 6-year-old German Shepherd named "Heidi". As a young adult, Heidi liked to go on long walks and play in the back yard. As she neared 6 years of age, I noticed that she didn't want to stand, she always laid down. She didn't do well on her walks and got tired very quickly. She started to drag her knuckles on her back feet. She was unable to jump on our bed and had trouble getting in and out of the car. I consulted with Dr. Clement and he recommended putting her on Glycoflex (Joint

Lubricant). After trying this medication for a month, her discomfort level only progressed. After consulting with Dr. Farrell, he recommended x-rays of her back and hips.

Heidi was diagnosed with "severe arthritis secondary to chronic hip displasa", and had evidence of disc space narrowing and spinal arthritis. Dr. Farrell's recommendation for long term care was Glycoflex III, Deramaxx (anti- inflammatory), Tramadol (pain reliever), Adequan injections and to start acupuncture. At that point, Dr. Farrell also recommended looking into a new arthritis treatment, Stem Cell Therapy.

Two weeks later we came in for a recheck and Heidi had reduced her mobility even further. She had increased sensitivity over her spine. She only got up to go outside to the bathroom, but once she was there, she laid down and didn't want to get up to come in. Her quality of life was reduced dramatically. Our last straw was watching her lay there puffing her cheeks in pain.

I researched the pros and cons of Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Clement and I filled out a Stem Cell Evaluation form only to see that Heidi was at the extreme end of the scale for pain, lameness and stiffness. I was very cautious because this new treatment didn't have a lot of success stories to read about, it was too new. I decided to give permission to try stem cell therapy because I felt the only other option was to put her to sleep. I was not ready to give up. 

On July 23, 2008, Dr. Clement performed the procedure to harvest the stem cells and on
July 25th they were injected into each hip and also intravenously.
char_004_1.jpgWe continued pain medication for 1 week. The doctor recommended we discontinue all medications except a maintenance dose of Glycoflex.
         Every day, I noticed that Heidi was improving. The first thing I saw go away was the puffing of her cheeks, so I knew she wasn't in any pain. We started a rehabilitation exercise protocol, walking for 5 minutes twice a day. Then we went to 10 minutes twice a day, an d so on. At Heidi's one-month recheck, August 26, 2008, she was no longer on any medication. She has regained all of her once lost mobility. She is like a new dog, able to run, play and jump again. I believe that Stem Cell Therapy saved my dog.

Maggie's Story

Hi, my name is Maggie M. and I am a 9 year-old Poodle mix. I first met Dr. Clement in September of 2008 to be evaluated for stem cell therapy. After years of steroid therapy for severe allergies all of my joints had severe inst ability and arthritis. I was so painful that the ball of my left hip joint had to be removed and my left wrist had recently been surgically fused. For the past five months I have been unable to walk and my mom has had to carry me everywhere. Dr. Clement thought I was a good candidate for treatment but he was a little skeptical because of the severity of my joint problem.

I had my stem cell harvest and injections on September 15 and 17, 2008. By 30 days later I was able to walk and get around ok. I was feeling much better. 90 days after treatment I was feeling so much better and getting around really well. I still walk a little funny because my joints will always be abnormal, but I am mobile and pain free.

It is now 9 months later and I am still doing great.
Thank you, Dr. Clement!  I ♥ Stem Cells.

Kodi'sThank You



"Apollo" Romano


This picture is Apollo 2 years after Stem Cell Injections. He has good mobility and enjoys running around his back yard.

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