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To all clients and friends of the BHVH:

We understand that there has been information circulating that questions the concept and value of vaccinating dogs and cats with absolutely necessary vaccines such as distemper and parvovirus every year.   We do use and recommend the yearly form of these vaccines and would like to share our viewpoint and rationale.

Vaccinations that have been approved to be administered every 3 years instead of once a year are available.  Initially, they seemed to be desirable because they are used less frequently and help avoid “over-vaccination”.  However, to make them last longer, vaccine manufacturers have increased the vaccine virus load five-fold.  This means five times the stimulation to the immune system.  So then, they are actually being exposed to more vaccine virus with the 3 year vaccine than when they received the vaccine yearly.  The USDA is in charge of vaccine approvals.  In order to obtain USDA approval for the 3 year vaccine, 8 dogs were vaccinated and their antibody levels checked at 12 weeks after vaccination.  This was all that was required to be allowed to claim 3 years of protection.  No challenge studies were done, in which vaccinated dogs were exposed to live virus to see if they were truly immune.  We feel that this is not adequate proof of protection and have chosen not to use 3 year vaccinations.

In regard to vaccines causing cancers in cats, that was a phenomenon that arose in the 1990’s when rabies vaccination became required for cats.  Many theories have been advanced to explain the occurrence of cancer as a result of vaccination.  None have been accepted as truth.  But we have seen a tremendous reduction in vaccine induced cancer, as well as other serious vaccine reactions such as hemolytic anemia, and we believe that vaccine technology has improved and significantly reduced risk of any serious reaction to current vaccines.

Many people were strongly influenced by a human medical report in the 1990’s that childhood vaccinations caused autism in children.  How scary is that?  But it was proven completely false, and the physician who wrote the fabricated results has admitted he lied, recanted, and is not able to practice anymore.  Yet, people are still influenced by his lie.  This has spilled over into the thinking of veterinary clients, causing worry about bad things happening from vaccination, and causing bad decisions about withholding vaccines.

Having lived and practiced veterinary medicine during the parvovirus outbreak of the 1980’s when there was no vaccine and a dog’s chances of dying in spite of treatment was 50:50, having seen the devastation in our raccoon and fox populations by a rabies epidemic in the early 1990’s and the required euthanasia of many animals because there was no wildlife vaccine, working to save Lyme and Leptospirosis-infected pets who have not been vaccinated, knowing that their infections and deaths could have been prevented, these life experiences have provided real and personal proof of the value and protection provided by vaccinations.

Please be assured that we are constantly surveying scientific studies so that we only offer the safest and most effective vaccines to the pets we all love so much.  

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